(03 Tehsil D.I.Khan, 03 Tehsil Paharpur). Overall 11 village council and 09 neighborhood councils have been targeted. A pre assessment has been carried out which indicated the importance of intervention and some important points to be considered. In order to ensure the engagement of community, 60 youth (40 male, 20 female) have been identified and they were given capacity building training on LG act, Right to Information Act, Right to Public Services Act and Advocacy. The trained youth then organized community awareness session in their respective communities and provided information regarding RTI/RTPS. As there were two department; Revenue and Local Government, were the main targets, so MoUs were signed with both of them. With the support of Revenue and LG departments, the officials for capacity building trainings were identified.

The capacity building trainings of Youth Volunteers, Councilors, officials from Revenue and LG Departments, representatives from NGOs/CSOs were organized. Mobile Informative stall was an innovative way to aware the communities at their respective areas. Public Open Forums have given the community members a platform where they could share their issues regarding birth registration and issuance of Ferd. 20 Walks and Rallies were organized in target areas in which the community members participated. The walks were organized aiming to mobilize the citizens 20 Citizens Assemblies have been formed in in all the selected 20 NCs/VCs and they conducted monthly meeting to discuss the implementation status on RTPS and RTI. Two Citizens monitoring groups have been constituted on tehsil level. The CMG held quarterly meeting and discussed the issues during implementation on RTI/RTPS.

A radio campaign was launched on local FM radio station. Two messages on RTPS and RTI acts were developed and on-aired throughout the project life cycle. 20 interviews have been recorded and broadcasted on local FM radio stations. The interviews were aimed to provide the listeners information about the two new laws. Efforts were made to ensure the compliance with the new legislation.
In order to make functional, the procurement was made and the selected offices of secretaries of NCs/VCs and Patwarkhana were given office equipment and furniture. IEC material was printed and disseminated among participants of various activities.