Advocating for electoral reforms in southern districts of khyber pakhtunkhwa

The project consists of four main components; these components were: 1) Mobilization of Project Resources, 2) Identification and Training of Activists and Youth Volunteers 3) Advocacy on Identified Issues. In order to implemented core project activities, the HDO was engaged a cohort of activists and youth volunteers. The project staff, district level reforms groups and youth volunteers were trained on how to implement the project. Project staff was trained in the programmatic, operational and financial aspects of project management and implementation, whereas the reforms groups and youth volunteers were trained separately on how to carry out specific a project activities’. Each component and its respective activities were detailed below.

  • Training of Project Staff;
  • Recruitment and training of District Electoral Reforms Groups (DERG);
  • Training of DERG Member;
  • Engagement with district level leadership;
  • Engagement with Provincial and National Legislator;
  • Media Briefings;
  • Convention at District Level;
  • Public Seminars (Universities and Colleges);
  • Public Forums;
  • Meeting with District ECP Officials;
  • Meeting with members of the delimitation commission member; and
  • Meeting with office bearers of the political parties.