Peace Building

Peace-Building Training and Exposure Visits for Youth of District Tank- GSDP

District Tank has been afflicted by sectarian conflict and militant unrest and this has adversely affected the psycho-social fabric of the area. It has a negative impact on the youth of the area by depriving them of educational, recreational and developmental opportunities and pushing them toward damaging societal tendencies. HDO implemented a project with the support Governor Special Development Program (GSDP) in District Tank. The grant was designed to support the youth communities of District Tank through engaging 240 selected youth (140 males and 100 females) from 16 Union Councils of District Tank and providing them with peace building, leadership training, exposure visits of provincial and national assembly and organizing youth forum.

The trainings on Peace Building and Leadership were conducted, aiming to prepare the youth as future leadership and imparting the skills of analysing the issues and then approaching appropriate forum to resolve it. The role of legislators and Provincial Assembly Peshawar and National Assembly Islamabad were also shared with them. The exposure visits has verified the learning in the training workshops. The participants got the knowledge about the role of leadership and the process of decision-making. The visits have helped to enhance their understanding and now the youth can perform their role in efficient manners. The forums were planned to share the learning from this intervention. The presence of representatives of Government Line Departments has given an opportunity to the male and female youth to directly interact and share their issues. The participants shared their experiences and learning and then representatives from different departments shared their views and offered whatever support they can provide for carrying this zeal forward. The media persons observed the activity and covered it in their respective medium.

The intervention has helped to develop the role of youth as leaders of the future. The youth have learnt the skills for facilitating peace and performing their roles as young leaders. The learned skills have enabled the youth to identify the issues which are hindered peace within their society and how these will be mitigated. The trained groups would work for bringing about a positive change in their respective communities.