Cultural Heritage

Revival Of Indigenous Cultural Heritage (Rich) By Directorate Of Culture, Government Of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

The project was designed to engage community members, influential, local representatives, district administration, artists and media person to promote local culture. As the culture provides grounds for brotherhood, harmony and tolerance so, its revival is vital to combat terrorism, militancy and bring people together. The RICH project facilitates artist and locals to express their skills in their respective fields and earn the accolades. Moreover, the cultural bonds bridge the gaps among common folks and bring them on one page. In this project, Literary Circles, Traditional Games, Handwork/Handicrafts Exhibition of local Artisans, Folk Music/Hujray Mehfil, Folk Dance, Gorha Naach (Horse Dance), Interactive Theatre, Capacity building Training will be organized aiming to mobilize the youth and locals through above activities and revival of culture will be focused. The following activities will be implemented in four (04) months;

  1. Folk Music/Hujra Mehfil x 2 x 2 tehsil = 4
  2. Interactive Theatre x 2 x 2 tehsil = 4
  3. Literary circle x 4 x 2 tehsil = 8
  4. Cultural Jirgas x 2 x 2 tehsil = 4
  5. Gorha Naach  x 1 x 2 tehsil = 2
  6. Capacity building training x 2 x 2 tehsil = 4
  7. Art and crafts festival x 1 x 2 tehsil = 2
  8. Traditional games of kabdaddi etc. x 3 x 2 tehsil =6
  9. Handicraft Exhibition x 2 x 2 tehsil = 4