Strengthening Electoral And Legislative Process (Selp)- Women Nics And Voter Registration Campaign

The project duration was seven month and geographical coverage of District D.I.Khan, Tank and Lakki Marwat, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. In order to achieve the targets for this intervention and ensure the registration of unregistered women, the field staff and volunteers paid visits of target communities. The community meetings were being held in which the members from respective community were given complete introduction of the project and objectives of the projects. Corners meetings with local leaders and influential helped to identify the activists and unregistered women from among target communities. Community elders and leaders meetings provided support to mobilize the communities in term of listing and then mobilizing the unregistered women for NICs. Engagement meetings with various stakeholders at district and community level helped to raise support for women’s NICs and voter registration. General coordination meeting with relevant stakeholders including local ECP staff, NADRA staff, DEVCs and local government representative further strengthen the efforts of organization to coordinate with communities and ensured the registration of unregistered women. Overall efforts were focusing to mobilized women and community members for facilitation.