46 years old Soba Khan Son of Mirza Khan has been living in village Jhoke Lallah UC Mandhran Kalan District D.I.Khan. He got married with Tasleem Bibi and had one son and two daughters. His only source of income is his 15 canals lands. He and his son, Zulfiqar, worked hard on their land and earn their living. The family has a buffalo to cater their needs.

When the flood in July struck to Jhoke Lallah, Soba Khan lost every thing and the ruthless waves even engulfed his only home. He along with his family has to take shelter into another village. When the water receded, he came back but there was nothing left. He has to borrow to rebuild his house. With the support of some of his fellow, he managed to rebuild one room where as the boundary wall is still in construction process. Someone has given him a tent that somehow provides a bit relief to this family.

In 1993, he got injured his feet. He used traditional methods to cure and later on got examined by a doctor. With the passage of time, the swelling expanded from feet to belly.

Now he is unable to work and earn his livelihood. After flood, the life became more problematic. When HDO–IDRF field team visited Jhoke Lallah, they came to know about Soba Khan. The team visited his home and got his family registered. He urged government to support him as the disease is spreading.

At the day of distribution, the field team handed over the hygiene kit to him. He shared with the team that he did not have anything at home. The kit would provide his family an opportunity to keep themselves clean and contain water in hygienic way. He thanked HDO – IDRF for this support.