Sadma Jana is among a displaced family of SWA living in Gara Baloch for last few years. She has five children, four of whom were born at different private hospital in Tank and SWA while she gave birth to her fifth child at newly rehabilitated BHU Gara Baloch a few days back. The grandmother of the baby told, “Earlier we had to sell our cattle to pay the heavy fee of lady doctors for delivery case of our woman.”

The Union Council Baloch is located in the west of district Tank having a population of over 9000 people. The UC lacks basic life amenities and people of the area are confronted with innumerous health issues. The only health facility center of the UC was badly affected by devastating floods in 2010 that left the infrastructure of the hospital badly damaged. The masses had already inadequate health facilities whereas the damage of the hospital added to their worries. The expected mothers have to face great difficulties due to unavailability of birth facilities. It is important to mention here that during last few years several expecting women of the region lost their lives while being rushed to the city.

During assessment of health facility centers by HDO in district Tank, it came to know that the normal birth is also not possible in Gara Baloch due to scarce facilities. HDO started a project “Improve the status of primary healthcare facilities in district Tank” in which selected 10 health facility centers will be rehabilitated and medical equipment will be provided to renovate and activate the services of BHU.

The repair work was carried out and medical equipment was provided to BHU Gara Baloch and the staff was motivated to entertain the deliveries. When the people of the area came to know that the BHU has been providing health services to expected mothers, they started to get their expected mothers there for checkup.

Noord Ali Mahsood, father of newly born girl, said that in past they had to take their patients to city for medical treatment however since the rehabilitation of the only BHU of their village they get all that health facilities at their door step for that they used to travel to city.

Sadma Jana was brought to BHU when labor pain started and here she gave birth to a girl child. The mother along with new born returned home having smile on her face.

Nusrat Bagum, staff member, shared the post rehabilitation scenario of BHU, she said that due to unavailability of medical equipment they were unable to perform their duty purposely however rehabilitation of the BHU and provision of medical equipment for the treatment of patients in general and surgical equipment for labor room in particular increased their operational efficiency and now the patients were being provided with all necessary health care assistance at the hospital.

The minor repair work was carried out from 04 August to 05 September 2012 in BHU Gara Baloch which included whitewash, enamel paint, repair of electric wiring, desilting and cleaning of septic tank, repair of doors and windows, roof top slab, installation of sanitary items etc. The distribution of medical equipment and fixture was held in BHU Gara Baloch and HDO provided B.P Operates, Stethoscope, Surgical Gloves, Suction Machine, Weight Machine, Baby Weighing Scale, Thermometer, I.U.D Set, D/Gloves, Cord clamps, Artery Force, ENT Set, Ice Lined Refrigerator, Examination Coach, Fetal Stethoscope, Delivery Table, Instrument Trolley, Baby Trolley, Drip Stand, Oxygen, Cylinder (With Regulator & Mask), Wash Basin (steel), Baby Cot with Mattresses, Wheel Chair, Water Cooler, Chairs for Waiting Area. Stabilizer/ Regulator (10,000 Watts-local), Generator 5 KVA (Honda-Japan).

Before Repair Work

After Repair Work

The repair work and medical equipment have enabled the staff to provide primary healthcare services especially normal delivery to the dwellers of the area. The people of the areas expressed gratitude to USAID/SGAFP and HDO for this work.

Medical Equipment & Furniture

Supply of Equipment Ceremony